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While for many Aussies local thoroughbred horse racing and footy events have always been at the forefront of the action in the minds of punters. However, that certainly hasn’t stopped a large number of Aussies from taking advantage of everything that UK bookmakers have to offer online. In the past it may have been a rather daunting task for Aussies to place bets on many of the favourite UK sporting events taking place each year. However these days any punter, in any part of Australia, can quickly log in online and be placing bets through UK bookmakers in a matter of minutes.

Aintree Racecourse

There are many popular UK sports that often attract Australians to the UK bookmakers online, however thoroughbred horse racing events have always been at the top of the list. One popular venue for many of these popular events is the Aintree Racecourse located in Aintree, Liverpool, England. The course has had quite a significant impact of the world of racing since first opening in 1829 and quickly became a course to watch among Aussie punters utilizing UK bookmakers online.

There are many races taking place at this legendary course that attract Aussie punters, but the Grand National steeplechase is by far the most important. This famous race is considered to be, perhaps, the most famous on the entire planet in all of horse racing history and is run over a distance of 7.24 km. The race is also considered by many trainers to be one of the most demanding which always makes it an exciting event for everyone involved. With a total prize fun of £900,000 in 2009, as well as the iconic status of this great event, the Grand National steeplechase never has any issues attract thousands of Australian punters. The great news is that the entire process of betting on these and other popular UK events has made even easier than ever before thanks to some truly innovative new online services. Australians now have the opportunity to place bets on a ton of high profile UK events through UK bookmakers online all from the comfort of their computer in Melbourne. This is something that may have been unimaginable in the past but has now become a part of regular day life for all Aussie punters.

The Epsom Downs

While the Grand National steeplechase at Aintree Racecourse attracts its fair share of Australian punters online, the Epsom Derby is another extremely popular race. The event is also sometimes referred to as the Derby Stakes or simply ?he Derby?and is a thoroughbred race reserved for three-year-old fillies and colts held at Epsom Downs in Epsom, England. The race is run over a distance of 2423 metres and takes place annually in June. It has been able to attract a significant amount of horse racing fans worldwide due to its prestigious status and simply due to the fact that it has been around since 1780.

Another popular race taking place at the Epsom Downs is the Coronation Cup run over a distance of 2423 metres annually in June. The race was actually organized first in 1902 in order to honor King Edward VII, however since then it has grown to be an important race within the UK market and certainly attracts many Aussie punters to the UK bookmakers online. One of the main reasons that the race has become so popular is due to the attraction of it taking place during the opening day of the Derby Festival event at Epsom. Although there have been hundreds of notable winners since its inception, some of the more recent winners of the Coronation Cup include Ask in 2009, Soldier of Fortune in 2008, Scorpion in 2007, and Shirocco in 2006.


The ability for Australians to place bets on UK sporting events has vastly increased in recent years and the process is quickly becoming much more effortless than ever before. With all Aussie punters having the opportunity to utilize online UK bookmakers in order to place bets on these great events, there have been thousands taking advantage. This has never been more evident than when it comes to some of the popular UK horse racing events. There have been record numbers of Aussies showing up online to place bets on everything from the Coronation Cup and Epsom Derby at the famed Epsom Downs to the Grand National steeplechase at Aintree Racecourse. Perhaps the best part of all is the incredible odds being offered for some of these high profile events. All punters in Australia will be missing out if they don’t take advantage of these superior UK bookmakers online.